Long the standard when it comes to gourmet food gifts, it comes as no surprise that the website of one of the country’s most well-known brick-and-mortar purveyors of gourmet gifts, HarryandDavid.com, is ranked among our online gift basket services. Despite its recognizable name, Harry and David doesn’t quite have as broad of selection as some of its competitors. However, individuals looking for more traditional gourmet gift baskets, such as fresh fruit baskets, are bound to find just what they’re looking for. The website offers many bakery, chocolate, fruit, and meat gift baskets. In addition, customers will find all the standard occasions and sentiments offered by most gift basket services plus a few extras including kosher- and hostess-specific gifts.

If you can’t find the right gift basket to express a certain sentiment, you can choose from one of the website’s other gift categories including gift towers, party boxes, fruit-of-the-month clubs, and plants. One thing we love about HarryandDavid.com is their selection of gourmet gifts under $20; they are one of the few sites we reviewed that offers gifts under that uncommonly-low price tier.

Under their customer service section, Harry and David has a “shipping and handling” page that clearly details the website’s shipping and processing policies. To quickly estimate how much shipping may cost, the page displays charts that show standard shipping charges based on an item’s cost and the chosen delivery method (standard versus express delivery).

Furthermore, each product page on the website has a delivery tab that states any specific delivery details relevant to that particular product, such as whether or not it’s available for year-round delivery or if a delivery date can be specified.

Unlike many of their competitors, HarryandDavid.com does incur an extra charge on many of their perishable gifts and extra fees to ship anywhere outside of the continental U.S. (with the exception of army or fleet post offices overseas).

HarryandDavid.com offers a comprehensive customer service section that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. A left-hand sidebar lists various customer service topics and customers can peruse the frequently asked questions for specific answers to their inquiries.

While the website does offer customer support via telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we’re a bit surprised a company as established as Harry and David doesn’t have live chat on their site. Offering such an option would make the website’s customer service section near perfect and rival some of their top-ranked competitors in regards to customer service.

The use of design and color on the website lends a corporate, polished look one would expect from such a large and well-known retailer. To keep things simple, customers can browse by price, occasion, or category using the top navigation bar on every page of the website. However, customers must scroll to the bottom of the page to find additional information such as customer service, store policies, and full contact information. In addition, while the site does offer some great user features - recipes, an email sign-up, videos and more – access to such features are also obscure, located on the bottom of the homepage.

Harry and David Summary:

Overall, HarryandDavid.com is a clean, organized website that is easy-to-use and offers comprehensive customer service. But the site is slightly lacking when it comes to one of the most important considerations of online gift basket services: product selection. With a broader assortment of gift baskets, HarryandDavid.com would certainly be a top-ranked contender. Looking for more gift basket options? Check out our top-ranked online gift basket services.


Harry and David

Harry and David offers a wide selection of food gift baskets including fresh fruit and chocolate baskets.

Be prepared to pay an extra fee if your gift basket contains any perishable items.

The Verdict
: 8.32/10

Harry and David is a great alternative if you are looking for traditional gift baskets.